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*** Nicholai Khan ***

* About the Artist: Nicholai Khan is a passionate artist whose goal is to inspire others to follow their dreams and create. He received formal training in illustration from the Fashion Institute of Technology and continues to evolve his techniques through the study of other art forms, such as painting and sculpture. To give his work more dimensions, he researches quantum mechanics, meditation, and studies with religious leaders like Buddhist Monks, Catholic Priests, Indian gurus, and other spiritual healers. He displays his various painting collections in New York City venues such as Agora Gallery and The National Arts Club as well as international online galleries. He has been recognized by publications such as Art is Spectrum Magazine, Queens Courier, and the Times Ledger. He wrote and illustrated a picture book entitled Nicho the Tiger: Create Your World to teach children the joy of art and to cherish their ability to create. He uses this book as a teaching tool in schools where art programs have been cut and in community youth programs to focus teen aggression into constructive outlets like art. He hopes to make the world a better place through art and the joy of creativity.

* Be Your Own Icon Collection: Nicholai’s most recent works are from his "Be Your Own ICON Collection." This series is a study on how the lives of history’s icons are intertwined with the everyday person. The human species is interconnected through shared space with all our actions affecting each other’s realities. We are all living in simultaneous universes and the beauty is that we are all sharing in each other’s space. Our existence comes from consciousness, which does not only exist on the physical level. We are all sharing the same cognizance, even with these legends. They have always been saying and communicating this message in many different ways. We, however, can only receive this message to “Be Your Own ICON,” if we are open and aware that we all have a significant place or role to play in this universe.

* Aikhan Angels Collection: Khan’s other major collection is "Aikhan Angels." These works focus on the feminine aspect of enlightenment and symbolize a call to women to utilize their universal state of mind. They depict female figures as either goddesses or actual angels with innocent looking faces combined with the beauty and grace of the female form. They are brought to life with a kaleidoscope of vibrant colors to celebrate the energy of women. Nicholai’s inspiration for these pieces come from the Carnival celebrations he attended in his hometown of Trinidad where women adorned themselves with costumes and ornate jewelry. The styles of expressionist painters such as Gustav Klimt and Egon Schiele influenced the subject matter and line quality while the study of traditional Japanese prints give these works a sense of serenity. The intention of this collection is to pay tribute to the rise of women in our modern day society. It’s meant to give them the support to know they can achieve peace through their own inner greatness. Their striving for a sense of higher consciousness can be seen as angelic.

* The Mission: Khan is not only interested in the visual aspect of his works, the important part to him is the viewers’ interpretation and the message conveyed. To Khan, art is a way to spread higher consciousness or dare he say enlightenment. The universe and all things in it are built on energy, what we create we also give back.

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